Restoring Facial Volume

Restoring Facial Volume

The ageing process is associated with a loss of volume in the face. Both the skin and the tissues underneath the skin become thinner, changing the overall shape and contours of the face.

Facial volume can be effectively restored using facial rejuvenation techniques. SouthDerm uses high-quality dermal fillers to increase the volume in the face and ‘plump’ up the skin. The fillers are made of naturally occurring carbohydrates – hyaluronic acid gels (also known as HAs) – and have an excellent safety record around the world. These work by attracting and holding water to increase volume, and they also combine with the skin’s existing collagen and elastin to help improve skin elasticity.

Restoring Facial Volume – before and after

Fillers can be injected into the skin to restore volume in areas such as the cheeks, lips, mid face and lower face. The procedure is carried out in the dermatologist’s office and takes approximately 30 minutes. The fillers may last for 9–18 months before they naturally dissolve.

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