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Pathology is the branch of medicine involved in the study of the nature and cause of disease and plays a vital role in the diagnosis and clinical management of patient illness. With regard to skin diseases, this may require a variety of pathology tests to be performed

Some diseases of the skin may be due to a wide range of disorders of the internal organs and as a result, your dermatologist may require you to undergo a blood test. A highly trained DHM blood collector is available on site for your convenience.

As part of the diagnosis and treatment of some skin lesions, your dermatologist may biopsy or excise the lesion. In the pathology laboratory, the specimen is processed over night to enable a pathologist to examine the lesion under the microscope. On the day following the biopsy, the processed lesion is sliced at a thickness of 5/1000 of 1mm. A specialist anatomical pathologist with expertise in dermatopathology then examines these sections. The pathologist may perform special immunohistochemical stains on the tissue sections in order to determine the nature of the lesion. Other prognostic features are identified and decisions are also made as to whether excision is complete. Some inflammatory diseases of the skin, such as rashes, are also diagnosed by microscopic examination of a small biopsy of effected skin.  In all cases, the pathologist will prepare a written report detailing the pathological findings and conclusions relevant to your case.

At DHM, our pathologists include specialists who offer an outstanding depth and breadth of experience in all the major sub-disciplines of pathology. They are available for consultation at all times and provide expert, up to date advice and professional support to your dermatologist.

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