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The best treatment and advice in southern Sydney from our specialist dermatologists for any skin cancer or medical skin condition.

Cosmetic Procedures at SouthDerm


Helping you to feel your best is what our team can do, with our range of treatments to enhance your skin.



Our friendly, experienced and caring team will make you feel at home in our Kogarah, Sydney, state-of-the-art facility.

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With leading pathologists located within the SouthDerm facility, your blood and skin works are quickly and accurately analysed.

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SouthDerm - Southern Subrubs Day Procedure Centre

SouthDerm Day Surgery Centre

Located in Kogarah in Sydney’s south, SouthDerm is a purpose built facility dedicated to providing solutions in dermatology. Incorporating our state of the art surgical facility, Southern Suburbs Day Procedure Centre, SouthDerm has you covered for all your dermatological needs from diagnosis to treatment, management and prevention of skin, nail and hair diseases, advanced cosmetic treatments and a wide range of surgical procedures.

Southern Suburbs Day Procedure Centre is accredited by the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards and licenced by the NSW Health Department. Our dedicated staff and high standards have seen us excel in areas of patient care, infection control and safety.

SouthDerm and Southern Suburbs Day Procedure Centre are proud to be registered providers to the Australian Defence Force.

Our friendly and attentive staff are passionate about providing an exceptional level of care and look forward to seeing you for all your dermatological needs.



Moh's Micro Surgery - SouthDerm

Mohs surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery uses a microscope to inspect the skin cancer and guide its removal.

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Skin Cancer - Icon - SouthDerm

Skin cancer surveillance

Skin Cancer is a disease of the body’s skin cells usually as a result of skin cell damage.

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Fat Freezing Icon - SouthDerm

Fat freezing

Non-Invasive fat reduction, and body contouring. Fast, cheap and effective fat removal.

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Medical Dermatology Icon

Medical dermatology

A skin irritation caused by coming into contact with irritant or allergic.

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Treatment of Scarring - SouthDerm

Treatment of scarring

We have several effective treatments to reduce the appearance of scarring.

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Hair & Nails

Hair & nail

Hair & nail problems

Double Chin Removal

Facial rejuvenation

The ageing process is associated with a loss of volume in the face.

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Laser & Light Treatment - SouthDerm

Lasers & light treatments

A cost effective, specialised laser that can significantly improve the texture of skin.

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Fat Removal

The fat removal procedure uses a vacuum applicator to draw in skin and fat and cool the tissue in the cooling cup at temperatures of up to -9°C. The fat removal procedure is for spot reduction of fat. It is not a weight loss solution.

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Before and After Clatuu Fat Removal


Lip Treatment Video With Dr Robert Rosen, Dermatologist

View video with Dr Robert Rosen, Dermatologist explaining the procedure.

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